1. *best 1 on 1 personal training experience I have ever had!

    I have been personal training with Danny, the owner of DFit training, for about 6 months now and I can honestly say it has been the best 1 on 1 personal training experience I have ever had! I am a 53 year old female and have been training (with trainers) all of my life but Danny brought so much more than personal training. His work ethic, motivation, and constant effort to see us (clients) succeed…Read More

    Michele Liberti
  2. *Most personable and fun gym experience

    Most personable and fun gym experience working out with Danny Fam. D-Fit is the real deal. Danny and his team are extremely knowledgeable and have a great scientific understanding of working out and nutrition plan. They customize meal and exercise regiments to your body's specifications. Highly recommend at least giving Danny a call - you won't regret it.  …Read More

    Jonathan Carlson
  3. *Officially 16lbs down & counting

    Three months ago I walked into DFit Personal Training to make a change. I could barely hold a plank, hated exercising (I mean I still don't love it let's be real), and had the hardest time dropping any weight. My trainer Nikki keeps my workout diverse and entertaining, so I won't give up. I don't know if I sweat or laugh more in our sessions! She even started my love affair with TRX! Everytime I w…Read More

    Heather Cameron
  4. *the results are far more than I expected

    Been training with Sean now for almost a year and the results are far more than I expected. As a professional endurance race car driver my endurance and strength have gotten really good. Highly recommended.    …Read More

    Henry Gilbert
  5. *Their knowledge of the body and nutrition is extraordinary

    Before training with Sean at Dfit I was intimidated by the weights and gym atmosphere, but all that changed after starting with Dfit. Their knowledge of the body and nutrition is extraordinary. They break everything down into terms I understand and now maintaining a healthy lifestyle is so much easier thanks to Sean and Danny. My knowledge of diet is so much better now and have learned a lot from …Read More

    Jennifer Feher
  6. *DFit has given me the results I wanted

    My experience with Dfit has been amazing! Before Dfit I knew very little about working out and nutrition. With the help of Danny and Sean I have learned so many tips to further improve my relationship with the gym. I can honestly say that even though I have been in and out of the gym for some years now, every single workout w/ Danny is something new that I would never think of myself. I love that …Read More

    Tatjana Mejia
  7. *I used to HATE working out until DFit turned me on

    I used to HATE working out until DFit turned me on to their TRX class twice a week I have become ADDICTED and look forward to each one! Thank you Nikki and Danny for making me want to live the healthiest life I can.    …Read More

    Jara Lippman
  8. *I have lost over 60lbs and 50+ inches!

    Danny and the team at DFit are among the best in the business! Always professional, always friendly, and great prices for group and individual personal training. I have been training with them for about 7 months; Sean has consistently changed up my training plan to avoid plateaus and always answers all of my workout/eating plan questions. As a result, I have lost over 60lbs and 50+ inches! I would…Read More

    Taryn Baacke
  9. *Dfit is off the charts awesome!

    Dfit is off the charts awesome! I've had many trainers in the past and Dan is by far the best! He is knowledgeable, he keeps me motivated and has pushed me to give my best even when I'm tired and not in the mood for the gym. I would recommend the Dfit team to anyone wanting that extra special attention or that push you just can't give yourself. Thanks Dan and everyone else on the Dfit team!  …Read More

    Slade Gicca
  10. *I am in the best shape of my life

    I have worked with many trainers in the 25 years that I have been working out but none were more professional or inspiring than Danny at Dfit. I am in the best shape of my life thanks to Danny's knowledge, inspiration and ability to push me SAFELY past my believed limitations. This company's professionalism is second to none from the punctuality to the workout journal to the text/email verificatio…Read More

    Veronica Lipp