*Officially 16lbs down & counting

Three months ago I walked into DFit Personal Training to make a change. I could barely hold a plank, hated exercising (I mean I still don’t love it let’s be real), and had the hardest time dropping any weight. My trainer Nikki keeps my workout diverse and entertaining, so I won’t give up. I don’t know if I sweat or laugh more in our sessions! She even started my love affair with TRX! Everytime I walk into Dfit I overcome something I wouldn’t even try to do weeks before. I told Danny I wasn’t ready to completely change my lifestyle, but wanted to get active and make smarter choices. He never added any pressure and even gets a good laugh when I talk about all my food splurging from time to time! Now someone who hated the gym is there 4 days a week! Officially 16lbs down & counting! Basically, thank you DFit Personal Training, Nikki, and Danny! I’m ready for my next 3 months!


Heather Cameron