There’s a saying that’s been circulating for quite some time that “fitness results are 25 percent in the gym and 75 percent in the kitchen.” While this may not be exactly true, all the exercise in the world can’t give you the benefits of healthy eating! That’s why we at DFit Personal Training are proud to offer nutrition courses in our Pompano Beach fitness center. Here’s what you’ll learn:

What Makes a Healthy Diet?

A healthy diet is one that is more focused on what fuels your body than what fills it. This means that empty calories need to be the first to go! In our nutrition courses, we focus on making the transition to healthy foods that tastes great but do not get stored as fat. These foods are for fueling our bodies, giving us new energy, and keeping our body’s systems running smoothly.

How Should I Change My Diet?

Once you learn what makes a healthy diet, we can move on to teaching you what exactly you need to change to see the results you want. Everyone has a different lifestyle and schedule, which is why we want to teach you how to work with your schedule to make lasting, effective changes to your current nutrition plan. We provide you with meal ideas, snack ideas, and suggestions on when to eat these things.

How Will Nutrition Courses Help Me?

Our personal trainers and nutrition experts know what it takes to turn food into a positive part of your life, instead of the enemy it may be today. When you take our nutrition courses, you will learn everything you need to know before embarking on a lifelong journey of health and wellness. If you are ready, contact us today! When you sign up with your name and email, you will receive our FREE nutrition guide! This is the perfect start to changing your eating habits and forming new ones.

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