Each year, people commit to new goals they want to accomplish in the 12 months that lay ahead. However, while millions sit down to write out resolutions, most are forgotten within a month of making them. Sticking to a resolution can be hard, especially when it involves a complete lifestyle change. Oftentimes, these resolutions fail because they are unrealistic or unattainable in some way. However, if you consider setting practical resolutions for yourself, you may be able to make more of a reasonable commitment as the year goes on.

While fitness-related resolutions are nothing new, we understand the frustration. The gym gets aggressively crowded come January, but by March, the gym is empty again. According to U.S. News Health, about 80 percent of all fitness resolutions are gone by the second week of February. Does that mean that you will fail? Absolutely not, as long as you commit to reasonable and durable resolutions! Today, we are here to help you with making small resolutions that we think are manageable for an entire year.

Move Daily

While it may not sound as glamorous as going to the gym at 5 AM every day, that’s exactly what makes this resolution so sustainable. Moving every day isn’t necessarily about getting a workout; it’s about using your body and moving it in any way that feels right to you. While it doesn’t really matter how you move, it does matter that you do move. Do you get excited about yoga or dancing? How about going on walks with your dog? Not everyone loves lifting weights, and that is totally acceptable. By finding an activity that you enjoy, you will be more likely to commit to moving. And the way we see it, getting 10 to 30 minutes of movement in your day-to-day is better than sitting on the couch all night long.

Take Time to Breathe

While “meditation” may not really be your style, relaxation and deep breathing should be. This peaceful time should be spent focusing on your goal and pondering how to best achieve it. Having a large goal can be exciting, but aiming for something that major or significant without proper planning makes it simply a dream. Make a plan! Small goals work together to eventually produce a result. A time of focus and breathing may be just what you need. Start with just a few minutes a day and see how you feel.

Try Something New

It’s scary to step outside of your comfort zone, but this is one of the best ways to grow. Whether you want to mix things up in the gym or try a new workout class, this is a great resolution that isn’t too hard to tackle. For example, if you have never given weightlifting a try, now might be the time! Contact a personal trainer to teach you the proper form so you remain safe. Who knows? Maybe you will fall in love with it! Weightlifting has been shown to help improve your self-esteem, help your bones grow stronger, and even burn fat longer than other exercises.

Of course, if lifting weights is not your thing, think about trying a local class of some kind. Whether it be dance, Pilates, karate, or whatever, trying something new will give you a new idea on how to stay fit. Who knows? Maybe you’ll fall in love with what you choose and you’ll have a new hobby!

Sleep More

While making a resolution to get more sleep doesn’t seem that impressive, we disagree! Getting the right amount of sleep is so important to our bodies—especially those of us who work out regularly. To help you achieve this resolution, we recommend adjusting your bedtime routine to suit your needs. Whether you need to turn off your phone before you crawl into bed, limit your television-watching, or do a few soothing stretches before you crawl into bed, make some changes to help signal to your body that it is time for bed. You can also set an alarm at night to tell you when it’s time to get ready to sleep.

Sign up for Fitness Challenge

While signing up for a bodybuilding competition can sound scary to most, there are several challenges you can sign up for without feeling like you are in way over your head. For example, plenty of 5k races out there that are dedicated more to having fun than winning. Many charities offer athletic events as well to get the public interested! Find a cause you are passionate about and sign up for the event. That way, you are committed to giving it your best. For many people, that’s enough to at least do a little training!

Find a Fitness App

There are so many apps out there on the market that you can probably find one to help you with your gym goals for the new year! There are running ones, yoga instruction ones, and meal trackers. In fact, our fitness app is a great way for members to keep track of their activity and their goals. For some, a fitness app is a perfect way to get in shape and stay accountable.

Love Yourself

A strong body is not much without a loving and accepting mind. We believe that many people could benefit from setting body-positivity goals for the new year. Growing stronger and feeling better in our own skin is much more important than seeing the numbers go down on the scale. Of course, we know you won’t wake up every day and love each and every part of your body. Insecurity is simply a part of life. However, we believe in making a conscious effort to look in the mirror and tell ourselves what we love the most. When you are having a low day, think about all the amazing things your body can do—and all of the amazing things it has done. Your body is responsible for getting you out the door each day, and that is worth being proud of.

Choose a Personal Trainer from Pompano Beach

While it can be hard to commit to a New Year’s resolution, we know that having some form of accountability can help. That’s what we are here for! Our personal trainers want to work with you, discuss your goals, and set you up on a path to success. With some guidance, encouragement, and a team of people cheering you on, we know you are capable of anything you set your mind to. Contact DFit Personal Training today to set up a meeting with one of our trainers and commit to goals that we know you can accomplish. We look forward to hearing from you!