It’s nothing to be ashamed of — it can be exceptionally hard to get yourself to start consistently working out. You’re looking at changing many ingrained lifestyle habits, pushing your body to new limits, and mentally disciplining yourself over a long period of time. For many people, it’s enough to even start doing this by themselves, so involving someone else in the process, much less a stranger, is just not an appealing option.

However, there are so many great things about working with a personal trainer, and unfortunately, many people have some misconceptions about what it’s really like, preventing them from getting the help they need to make incredible changes in their lives. As personal trainers ourselves at DFit Training, we’re here to clear some of these things up.

Myth: They’re Fitness Gods Who Don’t Know How to Relate to Normal People

This is a big one. One thing that holds a lot of folks back from personal training services is the idea that personal trainers commit their whole life to fitness, and therefore have a fundamental misunderstanding of what it’s like for a “normal” person who struggles with their weight, habits, and diet.

Did you know that many personal trainers were once in the same place? Some of the people that are most passionate about fitness are the ones who made amazing changes to their lives after discovering it — it’s such a blessing to them that they have a burning desire to share it with others! Just because they’re active and teach fitness doesn’t mean they’re on a different level; most personal trainers have their own fitness struggles and have come from a similar place, but have enough experience and knowledge to help their clients to form productive habits.

Myth: Personal Trainers Only Help You Work Out

It’s easy to dismiss the need for a personal trainer because you already “know” how to work out. Regrettably, a lot of people’s perception of a personal trainer is just someone who “trains” you to use basic gym machines and learn basic weightlifting techniques. The truth is that these things aren’t very hard to learn, and they’d quickly be out of a job if that was the full scope of their curriculum.

In reality, personal trainers are there to help you change your life through meaningful progression towards productive goals. The actual exercises you do during your session are only a small part of that. You’ll not only learn how to do that, you’ll learn why. When you learn about the physiological effects that exercise has on your body and build the discipline to create workouts that address your body’s fundamental needs, you’ll be able to be self-reliant in your personal health and fitness. We have this goal for everyone, and our trainers will help you get there.

Myth: You Can’t Work Out With Your Friends When You Have a Personal Trainer

While we can’t speak for other gyms, we know for a fact that this isn’t true at DFit Personal Training. If any of your buddies in the Pompano Beach area want to join you, you can invite a friend for shared training sessions! This has a few benefits — it’s helpful to have someone you can hold yourself accountable to, it helps you to be more comfortable, and you can both motivate each other to reach your goals.

At DFit Personal Training, we believe that nobody should have to leave their friends behind, even if they’re getting personal treatment from a professional! Whether it’s a friend or family member, at DFit, you can start to change your lives together.

Get In Touch With a Personal Trainer Today

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