When it comes to personal fitness, there are two fundamental staples to your personal transformation process — a good diet, and consistent physical exercise. Unfortunately, it’s a common belief for many that you only need one of these to get healthy and lose weight. For some people, controlling their diet is easier than going through the effort of working out, while other people would rather run 20 miles than give up their favorite foods.

As qualified fitness and nutrition coaches at DFit Personal Training, trust us when we say that you absolutely need to be doing both of these things if you want to reach your ideal physical condition. After all, isn’t that what you want? Serving the people of Pompano Beach, we’ve helped countless people achieve that dream beach body they’ve always wanted. Let’s look at why exercise and fitness go in hand.

Exercising Without a Healthy Diet

For the record, it is possible to avoid weight gain if you’re consistently exercising without a good diet — but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be healthy.

Weight loss is as simple as burning more calories than you take in. Some people love their junk food so much that they prefer to work extra hard, so they can still eat whatever they want without gaining weight. This will work, but the only benefit you’re reaping is, well, not gaining weight. If you’re not eating well but exercising a lot, it’s fairly typical to keep yourself in a certain shape, but without the metabolism-boosting effects of quality food, your body will quickly plateau.

Because junk food is denser than healthy food, it will require a lot more physical activity to compensate for your diet than it would with healthy food, and the only thing you’re doing is staving off weight gain. If you just want to keep the status quo and stay where you are, this is an option, but it’s not really conducive to improving your overall health.

Dieting Without Exercise

The other option is eating well without physical activity. If you eat fewer calories than you consume, your body will lose weight; it’s as simple as that. But without physical exercise, this is much more difficult.

When you’re not engaging in physical activity, your body tends to eat into your muscle tissue instead of your fat. You’ll lose weight, but you won’t have the toned body you’re looking for without proper exercise. Resistance training and cardio helps you to lose your weight while you simultaneously develop your muscles. This also improves your metabolism and helps your body to burn calories more efficiently.

Speaking of metabolism, dieting without exercise doesn’t “train” your body to accustom itself to frequent calorie burn. This means that the second you stop eating well, your body will quickly rebound into weight gain.

Quality Nutrition Courses and Fitness Trainers

At DFit Personal Fitness, we want to help you reach your health goals. We know that eating well and exercising is hard, and that’s why our fitness coaches can personally help you with knowing what to eat and when through our comprehensive nutrition courses. Don’t put off your personal fitness — if you’re in or around the Pompano Beach area, contact DFit Personal Training Today!