When you start a new fitness program, you know it’s going to take some work! At DFit Personal Training, we believe in pushing you to your physical limits to see real change in your physique and reach your fitness goals. If you are looking for a Pompano Beach trainer who can keep you challenged and looking better each day, come to DFit Personal Training! While you may be spending hours on cardio, you might be missing a very important part of losing weight and staying in control of your body: Strength training.

Strength Training Helps You Keep Weight Off

Losing weight is one thing, but keeping the weight off is another. However, a recent study showed that women who did some form of strength training three times per week were much more likely to keep the weight off that they lost. This is because after you build your muscle, that muscle demands more calories to be used in order to stay strong. You will burn more calories as you build your strength!

Strength Training Protects Your Bones

Improving the strength of your muscle can actually keep your bones stronger. As we age, our muscles and bones tend to get weaker with each passing year. Strength training is a wonderful way to combat this process.

Strength Training Makes You Stronger

We know this seems obvious, but it’s true! You want to get stronger. For those of you who may be afraid of bulking up to be too large, don’t worry – you won’t if you don’t want to. The strength that you can gain by strength training is what you need to keep your posture aligned and your body happy. Just remember to take rest days in between working out certain parts of your body! They will need time to rest and recuperate.

Strength Training Helps You With Coordination

You can improve your balance, coordination, and posture just by incorporating a thorough strength training routine into your weekly workout plan. Your muscles learn how to work together to keep your body protected from external injury and keep you moving. Consistent strength training makes you about 40 percent less likely to fall, which is extremely important as you age.

Strength Training can Improve Your Mood

That’s right, exercise is good for your body as well as your emotions! When we work out, our brains release a happy chemical called endorphins that get us excited and happy. Along with your improved mood and stronger body, exercise also encourages you to sleep better and improves the quality of your life in general. Doesn’t sound like a bad deal!

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