Some people sign up for our Pompano Beach fitness classes in order to get stronger, while others sign up in order to learn the best ways to lose weight! While we are the perfect choice for all of your fitness needs, we also offer nutrition courses and meal planning advice to help you make the most out of your workouts. The right combination of exercise and nutritional adjustments can mean the difference between your dream body and no change at all. We at DFit Personal Training are here to help!

While some foods seem to be debatable as to whether or not you can eat them while trying to lose weight, we’ve compiled a list of some foods you should do your best to stay away from completely. Losing weight is not about counting calories and making sure you only have half a candy bar; it’s about making the decision to fuel your body with food that it needs. The following foods do your body very little good, so do your best to stay away from them:

  • Added Sugar Foods – These foods usually give you a ton of calories you don’t need and hardly fill you at all! Unfortunately, many of these foods are advertised as “diet” foods: granola bars and low-fat, flavored yogurt, for example. In fact, most manufacturers that advertise offering “low fat” food usually use excess sugar to make up for the loss of flavor once the fat is removed. Check the amount of sugar on a product before eating it!
  • High-Calorie Coffees – We know how much you love that daily mocha, but it is packed full of sugar and extra calories that your body does not need! These coffees are no better than soda, and they often contain as many calories as an entire meal. If you are an avid coffee drinker, do your best to stick to black coffee or coffee with just a splash of cream or milk. Just do your best to stay away from high-sugar creamers!
  • Commercially-Made Pizza – We know how enticing pizza can be, but commercially-made pizza is a big hindrance when it comes to weight loss! They often contain refined flour and processed meats with very little nutritional value. If you need to have pizza, make one from scratch at home with healthy ingredients!
  • Fruit Juices – While these are advertised as containing a bunch of fruit and vitamin C, they also are usually highly processed and packed full of sugar. In fact, some juices contain just as much sugar as soda. Also, since juice doesn’t require chewing, it’s easy to consume more calories than your body really needs. It’s unlikely that you feel as full after drinking a glass of orange juice as you would after eating an orange. Stick to water and eat whole fruit instead!
  • Pastries – Cooking, cakes, and other pastries are delicious, but they are full of sugar and refined flour. They often also contain trans fats, which have been linked to several diseases. Due to the high sugar content, your body quickly becomes hungry again after eating these treats! Instead of indulging in these, reach for some dark chocolate or a handful of almonds.
  • Some Alcohol – We know how delicious beer is, but unfortunately, it often leads to weight gain. However, whether or not you will gain weight depends on both the frequency in which you drink, as well as how much you drink. Moderate amounts of wine appear to be acceptable. However, skipping alcohol altogether is not a bad choice.
  • White Bread – White bread is extremely refined and actually contains quite a bit of added sugar. In fact, one study showed that eating just two slices of white bread a day leads to a 40 percent greater risk of obesity and weight gain. The good news is that healthier bread can be found, so do your research!

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