For many people, it’s customary to bring a friend with them to the gym. There are all kinds of reasons why this is is a good idea — friends are people who you can be accountable to, which is incredibly important in fitness, and it’s also easier to find the motivation to get off your butt and go to the gym when you have a friend that shares the same goals. You don’t feel quite as alone when you’re working out with a buddy, and it’s something we wholly recommend!

However, bringing a friend can also have its drawbacks — a good buddy might not be willing to push you as hard as you need to be pushed, or they might end up getting complacent with workouts that don’t challenge you. Indeed, no matter how well-intentioned your bestie is, sometimes they can hold you back.

So, what’s the solution? At DFit Personal Training, we believe we’ve found it — personal training classes with a friend. Here are some reasons why it’s a great idea to bring a friend to personal training:

It’s More Familiar

Many people loathe seeing a personal trainer because they’re not comfortable working out with a stranger, and they often have buddies that they don’t want to be segregated from during their workouts.

By seeing a personal trainer with a friend, you can avoid feeling uncomfortable by working out solely with a stranger. While we assure you that our personal trainers are wonderful and likable, we understand that there’s a natural trepidation that many people have of putting themselves out of their comfort zone — and that’s okay! It’s one of the many reasons we offer friend classes.

It Helps Accountability

One of the main problems with buddy workouts that we outlined above is the tendency for partners or friends to be lax or complacent with workouts. If you want to push yourself harder but your friend wants to stick with easy workouts, sometimes the pressure to not let down your friend overrides your desire to get the workout that you want.

The thing is, a lot of times this is just due to ignorance. Most people don’t have a solid understanding of how to effectively work out, and these are things that your nearby personal trainer can teach you! By learning together from a professional, you can both internalize the important lessons that you’re taught and help each other later when you’re not seeing a personal trainer anymore.

It’s Fun

Let’s be honest — working out with a friend is usually just more fun. You can laugh with each other, push each other, tease each other, and then enjoy a post-workout meal or snack when all is said and done. Many people see the gym as a tedious experience, and bringing a friend along can help to make the experience more enjoyable.

While we love working out, we understand that it’s not for everyone, and if bringing a friend is what it takes to motivate you to come to the gym, we fully support that and we’ll be happy to have a fitness instructor teach you together!

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