Hello, and welcome to part two of What to Consider Before Hiring Your Personal Trainer. Your personal trainer is an integral part of your path to health and wellness, which is why it is crucial for you to find the right match for your needs. In our last post, we talked about how credentials, experience, personality, and philosophy are all important factors to keep in mind before you choose your personal trainer. Today, we would like to list a few more things to take into consideration:


No one trainer is the master of everything, so it’s good to look for a trainer whose specialty aligns with your goals. For example, if you are hoping to run a marathon, you will want a trainer will long distance running specialties. Those of you who are more interested in competing in powerlifting competitions will want someone with more experience in that field. Not only will your personal trainer have more experience in that area, but they are more likely to be excited and encouraging about areas they are passionate about.


Your budget matters and you shouldn’t be pushing it too much just for a trainer. Check the rates of various trainers to make sure that you can afford such an investment. Before you start the hunt for a trainer, sit down and think about how much you can reasonably afford. If one-on-one sessions are not a financial option, sometimes group classes are available, too!


If you work evenings and your trainer is only free on weeknights, then perhaps the two of you are not a great fit. Check to see how many clients your potential personal trainer already has and see what their scheduling policy is. Would you need to have a set time every week, or would it vary on a weekly basis? Choose the method of scheduling that will fit your life best.


No one wants to drive an hour just to meet with their personal trainer. If you are looking for a trainer in Pompano Beach, then DFit Personal Training is the business to call. Also, keep in mind the places you like to train. If you hate a certain style of gym or facility, voice these concerns with your potential trainer before you commit fully to working with that person.


Referrals are a wonderful way to know who will make a good trainer and who won’t. If you have a friend or family member who has achieved incredible results with their personal trainer, then it might be time to give that trainer a try. Getting people to achieve their goals is proof of a good trainer, and any high-quality trainer will happily share any success stories and testimonials they have to their name.

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