As professional personal trainers in the Pompano Beach area, we’ve run into a fair share of people who are misinformed about what personal training entails. While some myths are harmless, there is one that’s not doing anyone any favors, and it’s the idea that personal training is just a temporary fix for people who aren’t fit.

This misconception perpetuates that idea that personal training creates a sense of dependency, and some even go as far as to say that it’s a deliberate ploy from professional trainers to keep their clients coming back. Not only is this claim baseless, it’s entirely untrue. While we can’t speak for other personal trainers, our team has one reason why we’ve committed ourselves to helping people get healthy — we know how wonderful it is to be fit, and we want to share that happiness with everyone else.

In fact, personal training tends to help people to not only get fit in the short-term, but to help people create lifelong habits that will sustain them far after our professional relationship with them has ended. Here are a few reasons why personal training will be a boon to your health in the long-term:

Personal Trainers Are Teachers

The first thing you should know is that personal trainers are teachers. It’s not just some gig that anybody can walk in and start doing. Personal training requires certification and there is a wealth of knowledge that one must know, and by extension, be able to teach to their students. If you think we’re just there to “point and click,” rotely telling you which weights to use without explaining why, your perception is terribly wrong — or you’ve been seeing the wrong personal trainer.

It Makes Our Jobs Easier When Clients Are Informed

While we would staunchly argue against the idea that personal trainers are only in it for the money, let’s play devil’s advocate for a second — if we’re being entirely honest, our jobs are easier when our clients understand the why of what they’re doing. Understanding principles leads to informed knowledge and it helps people to make the connections of how their workouts are benefiting their body. It’s easier for us and it’s easier for them, and we love seeing our clients reach the point where they can start making decisions independently because they’ve been sufficiently taught by their trainer.

Repetition Forms Habits

While we make every attempt to teach our clients the principles behind their workout routines, and how their physical activity and diet affect their health, there is one other thing that’s a great teacher — ingrained habits. When you work with a personal trainer for long enough, you’ll start to get accustomed to the movements and workouts that they put you through. If you’re going the extra mile, you’ll also commit to a healthier eating plan. Even if you didn’t retain any of the education you received in your training, forming these habits over a long period of time would help you to maintain them after you’ve stopped seeing your trainer.

Personal Training in Pompano Beach

If you’re in or around the Pompano Beach area, we encourage you to stop by our personal training gym and see how our programs can help you. Whether you’re doing it on your own or with a friend, we know that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by getting into better shape through consistent workouts and healthy eating. Ready to change your life? Stop by, or contact us today!