1. 3 Traits You Don’t Want in a Personal Trainer

    Are you tired of not reaching your full potential? Are you done with having a body that’s not up to difficult tasks? Well, we completely understand and we can relate to how you feel, but before you jump on your phone, type “personal trainer near me,” and run to your nearest fitness center, it’s important to understand that not all personal trainers are created equal. The quality of service…Read More

  2. Common Misconceptions About Personal Trainers

    It’s nothing to be ashamed of — it can be exceptionally hard to get yourself to start consistently working out. You’re looking at changing many ingrained lifestyle habits, pushing your body to new limits, and mentally disciplining yourself over a long period of time. For many people, it’s enough to even start doing this by themselves, so involving someone else in the process, much less a s…Read More

  3. New Year’s Fitness Resolutions You Can Stick To!

    Each year, people commit to new goals they want to accomplish in the 12 months that lay ahead. However, while millions sit down to write out resolutions, most are forgotten within a month of making them. Sticking to a resolution can be hard, especially when it involves a complete lifestyle change. Oftentimes, these resolutions fail because they are unrealistic or unattainable in some way. However,…Read More

  4. Why Do Rest Days Matter?

    We know that once you get into the groove of working out, it can be difficult to stop. After all, you don’t want to break a healthy habit that you’ve started! You are on your path to wellness and strength, so why would you want to spend a day NOT pushing yourself to new heights? Rest Days We at DFit Personal Training understand how you feel, but there is a very important concept in fitness tha…Read More

  5. Why Choose a Personal Trainer?

    We get it - finding a Florida personal trainer can seem expensive, especially in Pompano Beach. However, many people who are truly looking to make a change in their lives fail to realize the incredible benefits that can come from hiring a personal trainer. Here are a few reasons why a personal trainer is an incredible investment into your strength and nutrition goals: Trainers Keep You Accountable…Read More