On average, Americans gain over a pound during the holiday season. While that might not sound like much, studies have shown that it can take up to five months to lose that extra weight you packed on during the holiday season.

Why not just avoid putting on that weight in the first place? You can do that with us at DFit Personal Training!

This holiday season, we are offering our 6-Week Holiday Survival Program so you can prevent that irritating weight gain and get in the right mindset. Our personal trainers are offering everyone who signs up four private training sessions! With a knowledge on how to burn calories and get a solid workout routine going, you’ll be ready to handle the demands of the season.

Of course, not everything to do with weight loss can be solved with some weights and a treadmill. It starts in the kitchen! Our goal is to help you plan for your holiday meals by teaching you basic nutrition and providing you with healthy holiday recipes your family will love.

Four private training sessions combined with two outdoor bootcamp classes and a month-long membership is just what you need to begin your path to success. Of course, if you just can’t get enough of our program, you can always sign up to stay longer.

Choose DFit Personal Training

At DFit, we understand that it can be hard to start a new program. While the urge might be to just wait until New Years to get started on your body, it’s important to get started right away to avoid packing on more weight in the meantime. This program starts October 20th and continues all the way until Thanksgiving, so sign up now! Space is limited, so we urge you to sign up today to make sure you get a spot.